Crazy Good!

On the 6th day of creation, God looked out into the world and was quite pleased.  The earth was brimming with the beauty of luscious forests, cool blue rivers, and playful sea and sky animals.  But God knew there was more work to be done – something was missing.  So God, being God, and not afraid to work hard (especially when the work is so much fun) continued to create.

God created humanity in God’s own image

So God worked and worked and created all kinds of critters!  There were elegant giraffes, silly monkeys, and camels that spit!  There were wild critters, creepy critters, and the companion critters who like to sleep by your side – the snoozy cats, furry dogs, and fuzzy rabbits.

God looked around and admired all of the animals.  But God knew, as great as the animals were, he wanted something different.  Not just a critter but a creature – a being – that was more like Him.

Let’s make a being that can take care of the earth, something – someone –who is loving and kind, open and joyous, thoughtful and intelligent.  So God created man and woman.  God blessed them and told them to take care of the world, take care of all the critters, and take care of one another.

As God looked around at all that had been created, God caught a glimpse of the man and woman open up their arms to one another and hug.  In that moment, God’s heart filled with joy, and God smiled upon creation and knew that the world was beyond Good. It was crazy good. Incredibly Good.  Amazingly Good.
Absolutely, positively Good-Good-Good!!!

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