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Hi and welcome to All God’s Kids.  This site is for kids and their parents (and anyone who is playful and young at heart) to take a moment together and create space in our lives for God.  We are all crazy-busy – so much to do in a day.  My hope is that you will find inspiration, playfulness, joy and hope at All God’s Kids.

The pictures, stories, and prayers here are imaginative portrayals meant to invite you into growing more in love with God.  In the beginning God created –  God creates – and all of God’s children are always invited into creating lives full of faith, hope and joy.

God bless you with delight and many happy imaginings!

Rev. Beth+



2 thoughts on “About this site

  1. Beth+
    I love this post. I especially love the images: “light reaching out to hug the darkness….” AWESOME. I could sure see several parents using it with their 4 year olds and up. Am praying for your ministry.

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