Abraham quickly went to his tent and said to Sarah,
“Hurry! Get a large sack of flour and make some bread.”
Genesis 18:6

I am curious –
What is your favorite thing to do at the park?
Do you love to swing way up high on the swings?
Slide down really fast on the slides?
Climb and act like a monkey on the jungle gym?
Run and play chase in the grass?

I love sitting on the sidewalk and drawing with chalk.

All of these activities are fun!
But they are even better when you do them with brand new friends.

That is why I love the story from today.
Abraham and his wife Sarah made brand new friends.  Abraham was sitting near his tent and saw three strangers nearby in the hot sun.  Abraham offered his hospitality – yikes! Another big word!!!  Hospitality means that Abraham was kind, gave the strangers food and drink, and was friendly to them.

The part I love, love, LOVE the best is that Abraham didn’t wait for the strangers to come to him.  He ran out to them, hurried around and gathered others to help too!  His wife Sarah made yummy cakes, the servant provided the meat, and Abraham served them.

Can you imagine that?

Running out to meet someone and being super friendly and kind?  Can you imagine sharing your snacks and drinks with them and making sure they are having a good time?  It would be like if you went to the park, looked around, and ran out to meet a new friend.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I think it is easier to wait for a friend to come and find me.  But today, the story shows me something different.  Abraham and Sarah show me how to be kind first.  Abraham and Sarah show me how to run out to meet someone and make a new friend.

Come to think of it, that sounds like a really good idea!
I need to go.
I am going to go make a new friend today.
Hope you do too!!!