On the second day, God continued to create, and it was hard to tell where the water began and where it ended.  The blueness of it all got tangled up in each other!   And God, being God, and not afraid to organize (especially unruly chaos) created beautiful space where clouds could form and the eternal blueness could stretch out.  God called this space “sky” and it was heavenly!

“God called the dome Sky.”

Finally the water and the sky could work and play together.  The water offered up tiny droplets to the sky.  The Sky was so filled with thankfulness that it exploded with joy and filled the space with big beautiful clouds.  And before you knew it, the clouds in the sky expanded with joy and thankfulness also, and burst forth little thankful drops of rain.  The rain from the clouds flittered and danced in the sky, and rested upon the water, reminding them of their special friendship.

God watched and smiled at the harmony.   On that second day of God’s creating, friendships were forming and the world was taking shape, just the way it needed to be.  I am reminded of the world being formed whenever I look at the clouds above.  What do you see when you look up?  Do you see clouds and the blue sky?  Do you imagine animals and flowers in the clouds?  Do you look beyond the clouds and imagine God up in the heavens smiling down on you – so thankful for your friendship?

You can tell me what you think in the comment form below and as always you can share your thoughts with God…

Oh – and we’re still in Genesis Chapter 1 and beginning to wonder about Day 3…