On the 4th day of creation, the earth continued to dance with joy – giving thanks for all of God’s handiwork.  The sky looked on, still shining dutifully, but wishing it could join in the fun.    And God, being God, and not afraid of being thoughtful (after all God is totally loving) noticed the sky’s longing to dance with thankfulness.  So God said, “Let there be lights in the sky to celebrate the seasons, days and years. “

Let there be lights in the sky…

First came the sun in all its glory sending rays across the land and water.  The sun warmed up the earth and made the sea sparkle.  The earth and sun danced together all day long – rejoicing in an almighty God who had brought them together at last.

And when the day was done the Moon and stars glistened in the sky.  They knew that nighttime was for resting and sleeping.  The moon and stars gently twirled and twinkled their lights above the earth, lulling it into peaceful gratitude and sweet slumber.

On that bright and shiny fourth day of creation, God knew that it was good.  I imagine God felt the goodness of it all too.  The moon and stars, sun and earth, were all praising God in their own special way.   The trees branched out, the flowers bloomed, the grass waved and rejoiced in God’s goodness.  The Sun, moon and stars brightened the heavens, reminding the world to praise the God of light and love.

How do you praise God?  Do you dance with joyous warmth? Do you sing? Take walks?