International Day of the Girl

Reflections In the Rain photo copyright Cindy Wilkerson

Today is the 1st International Day of the Girl.

The Day of the Girl is a movement started to highlight, celebrate, and discuss the lives of girls around the world.  This day is focused on girls coming together to talk about their hopes, dreams, and opportunities.  This is a day that empowers girls to teach others about who they really are – no stereotype, no generalizations, no discrimination. So many girls are still faced with discrimination, poverty, and unspeakable violence against them.  If you want to learn more you can visit these sites  – and

May girls everywhere have the opportunity and courage to live into their unique-ness.
May we all work to fulfill God’s vision of justice for girls.
Let us pray as we accept the invitation to work together for their hopes and dreams…

Gracious God,

We are made in your image – help us to reflect your love.
Give us courage to cast your dream of justice for girls everywhere.

Bless us so we may see clearly the needs of girls in our world.
Bless us so we may listen closely to the dreams of girls in our world.
Bless us so we will speak boldy
against tyranny and bullying of girls in our world.

We give You thanks for girls everywhere who are courageous!
May we follow their example
blessing the world
with unending hope
in the future
of all the precious girls in our world.

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